Q.  What does it cost to get a virus removed?

A.  If you have spyware or virus’ on your PC, most of the time we wipe it clean and reload your Windows and drivers back.  If you have data you need to keep, such as pictures, music, favorites, or E-Mail, we can keep that as well.  If you do not need data, we typically charge $65.00.  If you need us to transfer your data and programs, we normally charge $97.50.

Q.  How long will you have my computer?

A.  If it is in for a virus ro spyware, we usually ask for a minimum of (2) days so we can be sure to get all updates on your Windows and make sure it has the latest patches so you are protected when you leave here.

Q.  Do you buy old laptops or desktops?

A.  We do not buy any used PC’s at this time.

Q.  Can you build me a new computer?

A.  Yes.  We can build custom desktops to suit your need and specifications.  We can also order laptops at reasonable price.